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"To Hear The World" free .pdf / ebook version now available

Good news for fans who have been wanting to read my book on the culture of synesthesia, but were unable to get any of the very few printed copies available. I've finally added a .pdf / e-book version to this website, available for download here.

Over the past few weeks, I was discussing a proper re-print with a few different publishing houses, and consensus seems to be that nobody will take on an already printed project, even if it had "limited marketing and distribution". Oh well.

I *am* at some point in the future, barring increasingly plausible apocalyptic circumstances, going to release a full re-print of this on my own, but am rethinking the idea of publishing this via Amazon / KDP on-demand service if there are any other options whatsoever. As probably implied or stated on other dispatches from me, I'm increasingly distrustful of organizations of that size when it comes to issues of censorship and uninvited re-editing of work that I've made publicly available. So we'll see if there's any other reasonable option (for anyone curious, no, I won't be doing a "Lulu" version of this either, as I find that service's pricing per book copy to be ludicrous).

So, for the time being, please enjoy this and let me know if there are other formats you might like to see this in (.epub, at the very least, is being worked on). I've mentioned before that this is maybe my favorite work overall, in any medium, and I hope it will have relevance and meaning to you regardless of how you imbibe the information.


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