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Welcome to the official online presence of Thomas Bey William Bailey.  TBWB is an author, electronic sound artist, audio documentarian and occasional educator.
As a writer, his focal points are cultural extremes and interesting, under-explored aspects of sensory perception and affect. His published material - both full-length books and anthology contributions - has dealt with the peripheries of electronic music and sound art (Micro Bionic), the history of self-released audio (Unofficial Release), the cultural history of synesthesia (To Hear the World with New Eyes) and neuroaesthetics / cultural anthropology (Sonic Phantoms, in collaboration with Barbara Ellison). He is now at work on To Reach the Place Where the Poet Last Stood, (a survey of correspondences between art and terrorism), and "Authenticentrism", a study of idealized authenticity within all genres of art production.

His personal sound work is characterized by intense, cinematic pieces that interrogate notions of utopia, social conditioning, anthropocentrism, and media saturation.

TBWB has lived and worked in Japan and several distinct regions of the U.S. and Europe. He now lives in South Carolina. TBWB does not maintain a social media presence, so those wanting to get in touch are encouraged to do so through this channel.

photo credit: ashley acheson, 2016
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