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Here is a substantial, if incomplete, overview of my published work. My written seeds are scattered across the Web, with some of these bearing more fruit than others. Some external sites featuring work from me include Fandor's Keyframe, Thought Catalog, Hyperallergic, Rhizome, Radikaliai (Lithuania), Red Bull Music Academy and others. Individual links will be provided to these very soon, for your convenience. Here are some things that have managed to pass my quality control standards.


Micro Bionic: Radical Electronic Music & Sound Art in the 21st Century

Unofficial Release: Self-Released and Handmade Art in Post-Industrial Society

To Hear The World With New Eyes: A Cultural History of the Synesthetic and Cross-Sensory Arts

Sonic Phantoms (with Barbara Ellison)


super sensor

An excellent magazine on the sonic arts, originating in 2018 from the SONM organization in Spain, whose initial issue came in a USB card format (my copies have long since sold out, sorry).

The online edition is here.

Featured within are a good deal of texts which have not appeared in the English language elsewhere, or whose parent sites (e.g. Vague Terrain in Toronto) are now defunct.

A good deal of my work, which sidesteps "current events" in favor of art-historical autopsies, is not suited to time-sensitive daily / weekly digests. Therefore it is good to have Medium as a place to present professionally written pieces that are too unorthodox for these"news"-centric sources. To be perfectly honest, some of my favorite personal work lives here.

My Medium pages.



Similar to my Medium pages, but with some more special features geared towards subscribers (and more exclusive material as a result).

"Hyperart Thomasson" Substack

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