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Substack and Anechoic Chamber updates (and audiobook beginnings)

With the sad loss of my brother behind me, things may not be "back to normal" in any sense, but I am very much back at *work*. Over the past few weeks I've made numerous additions to my "Hyperart Thomasson" Substack pages, as well as to the Anechoic Chamber podcast. For your convenience, updates to the podcast do appear on the Substack newsletter as well, should that be your preferred method of content delivery.

For anyone who has enjoyed the current run of "Anechoic..." to date, I again encourage you to participate, if you have any kind of stake whatsoever in the margins of contemporary culture, and feel qualified to speak on them. Regrettably, some cancellations and "ghostings" have kept there from being as many episodes as I wanted to have available by now. Since I feel one such cancellation may owe itself to the other "associations" I keep, I want to reiterate here that Anechoic Chamber is not intended as a reflection of my personal tastes or as a recruitment tool for some artistic alliance or other. There is much coming from my guests' minds that I agree with and support, and much that I don't, and if anyone has any qualms about particulars there, I welcome personal discussion on the issue *before* any commitments are made to participate on a show, so that no cases of "cold feet" will cause any further wastes of everyone's time.

At some point I may put together a brief audio statement that once-and-for-all lays out my positions on the key issues of the day, though I somehow feel these are already easy enough to figure out. For the *meantime*, I have a much more interesting project in progress which will accomplish the same thing in a more entertaining and constructive way: a full-blown audiobook compiling all of my literary loose ends (critical essays, biographies, obituaries, reviews). I've already received the mastered version of a sample chapter and it exceeds my modest expectations, so I will attempt to either finish this project by year's end or get very close to it. Having spent a large chunk of my life in the "dead time" of slow-moving car traffic, or doing monotonous work, I'm happy to provide something to intellectually charge this time and look forward to the new challenges of making my writing style conversational (and less, as one criticism goes, like surveying a steel tray of surgical instruments). I have no set release date for this, but be certain that you'll know when it is available, as I will be yodeling from the mountaintop about it at that time.

Thanks again everyone for your support!


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