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New Medium writing, early October: Novels in 3 Lines revisited

It's taken a while (several months), but I finally have some new original writing up at my usual haunt on, which you can read here.

Those who have followed me closely might already know that I have been trying to make the "novels in three lines" project of early-20th century Parisian gadfly Félix Fénéon into an epic audio release with an all-star vocal cast. Two years in the making, I finally have a complete statement on my rationale for doing this, which you can read above. As the corporate media becomes more clearly identifiable as an industry whose main exports are fear and divisiveness, this project seems to take on added relevance, and I do hope to see it through to the end sometime next year.

Until that time, though, please enjoy my thoughts on what was, in its own right, a truly unique moment in avant-literary history and one that I think is worth using as the spark for related projects other than my own.


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