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The news section lives: new video collaboration w / Susana López, and more

For all of my friends / supporters who do get their updates on my life from this barren blog, I'm truly sorry for having provided zero updates recently. I have been sending out various missives on my Bandcamp, Soundcloud and Substack pages, so if you are not subscribed to those, you might find more immediate gratification there. I've said it many times before, self-promotion has NEVER been a life skill of mine, though perhaps this will improve as I move to completely abandon the need for "major" representation by publishers, labels, agents, gallerists etc etc.

The not entirely happy details of my life this year are not really worth reprising here, though I can at least say that the massive losses of loved ones have (eventually) pushed me back into a frantic working mode rather than a complete despondent resignation. You may have already seen that the first physical releases from my 'Unsichtbare Gegner' technoid music project are available, with more on the way, while the work carried out under my own name is resuming again. I am nearly, in fact, done with an album titled 'Metaphysics of Autonomous Shadows' (thanks, Fernando Pessoa), which is structured like a kind of 'katabasis' and features elements such as choir that I've rarely, if ever, integrated into my work.

I am already in the process of having several close friends re-interpret the album tracks in visual form, with the first coming from Susana López for "Luna Moth Serenade," the album's most straightforward, "loud" track. Please navigate to that page and feel free to donate at the related Bandcamp page to offset some of the production costs of the new record.

If all goes well, an entire trifecta of projects will be done by this year's end. As hinted at above, the techno stuff is getting gradually sharper, slicker, and less clearly indebted to scene peers - all the ingredients I require for 'legitimizing' it with a costly pressing onto plastic.

My book "Authenticentrism," which essentially took over as priority project from my "art and terror" book, is over 100,000 words in length now and nearly all the primary composition is done - I should have a rough outline of this available on this site this month. This will tie together a lot of the threads I've been exploring via Substack musings over the past couple years, while being a lot more conclusive and less meandering on all those issues. As this project deals with quite "broad stroke" issues like selfhood and identity, it will either be the most meaningful statement I've committed to paper OR the most stunning failure. I am fine with either of these possible outcomes.


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