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TBWB texts and sounds featured on "La Política del Ruido"

Once again, my Spanish friends help to give me a lifeline out of total Stateside obscurity, prompting yet more speculation by me about relocating (if and when the current global plague subsides). In particular, my good friend Susana López has started a podcast based loosely on a lot of the same themes that I explore (i.e. human conflict and its relation to, and representation within, sonic aesthetics).

For those who haven't heard it, a piece from my perhaps "greatest hit" - the 2010 Progressive Lycanthropy release - is featured in its entirety on this episode, along with Susana's entrancing voice giving a Spanish-language reading of my essay "Welcome to 2084: The Age of Overload Aesthetics" (she is perhaps a prime contender to do readings of these audiobooks I keep promising to record). As is often the case, my own featured work here is supplemented by equally intriguing work from other kindred spirits. Recommended!


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