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TBWB now at Substack

It is official; I have yet another means of disseminating my written obsessions upon obsessiveness, and general thoughts on the accelerating culture of chaos (not necessarily always a bad thing; but those who read me regularly know that). I have transferred my most recent writing from my Medium pages over to Substack, and will probably focus my energies there in the immediate future. While it's largely my own fault for not putting out regular enough content, the Medium presence has never really generated the level of interest I wanted, and Substack seems to have a greater "industry buzz" around it thanks to the numerous high-profile defections to there from more supposedly respectable media outlets.

Naturally, I encourage everyone to become a subscriber over there, as there will be some definite incentives for those who choose to pay for a subscription. One of those will be a de facto free subscription to my Bandcamp output for the duration of the calendar year (I'll regularly send you download codes for recently released music). I'll also offer charter / founder members the opportunity to "request" (within *some* reason) topics for me to write on, something that might help to truly put me through my paces. And you'll get sneak / draft previews of my new full-length work dealing with the convergence of art and terrorism; "Reaching The Place Where The Poet Once Stood."

In fact, much of my motivation for the whole Substack move will be to make thoughtful written content a lot more regularly (and while I AM still dealing with very depressing personal issues at home, it ashames me that the last piece I posted before last week was from NOVEMBER of 2020).

Hope to see you there...


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