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TBWB back-catalog reprints: "To Hear The World" etc.

It's no secret to followers of this irregular column, or followers of my personal life, that I have serious issues with third parties releasing and publishing my work. From unpredictable ghostings to outrageous pricing schemes that repel people from my work, it's been an extremely frustrating [I forget how long now] period of attempting to leave a mark as a creator and thinker. Nevertheless there is no other choice for me but to press on and to build on whatever gains I've made that haven't been erased by outside interference and / or incompetence.

That said: I am making serious moves to overhaul my bibliography and to make everything available that I possibly can, both at an affordable price and in a variety of formats. My first order of business is to re-print To Hear The World With New Eyes. I think this still stands as my favorite work in any medium, and I'm saddened that a larger number of people haven't been able to drink in its insights.

I'm now looking at self-publishing this, though I do want to keep the original contents and layout as close as possible to how they originally "ain't broke", there is no need to fix it. If I have the blessing of cover artists Evelina Domnitch and Dmitry Gelfand,

and skillful design lady Susana López, I will be going ahead with this plan.

Once that is out of the way, I am hoping to make a somewhat cleaned-up version of Unofficial Release as well. This will not be an "expanded and revised" version: I'm more or less happy with what I said at the time, and will live with some of the predictions that turned out not to be so true - particularly those relating to the stunning global spread of digital censorship. However I think some formatting changes might be in order, and it might benefit from a bibliography section and some other bells and whistles.

My main priority is of course to get new work out there. Though I may be the world's worst, most self-sabotaging non-"networker", I am good at multi-tasking! So, for all those already along for the ride, don't bail out just yet.

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