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"Metaphysics of Autonomous Shadows": new TBWB album now here

Updated: Oct 7, 2023

As you all know, I am increasingly NOT relying on this site's blog for major announcements, as people seem to prefer getting these from 3rd-party hosts like Bandcamp or Substack. That too is fine. But when I am proud enough of something, as I am now, I may as well shout it out even from rooftops that seem miles away from where anyone exists!

As teased out a little bit earlier, I now have a new album available, "Metaphysics of Autonomous Shadows," (my first on CD for many years, and first on my Fifteen Minutes of Anonymity vanity label). I've written a fairly comprehensive promo text about it already (check the bottom of the page here), so I won't repeat myself. But do let it be known that this is really one of the best efforts I've made in terms of communicating information that eludes verbal description, and getting people on board my strange train of perpetual transition and no clear destination.

Please visit the shop page here for sounds and either digital or physical copies.

TBWB MOAS promo text
Download PSD • 10.49MB

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