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New website, and back to life in general

Updated: Dec 18, 2019

Just in time for the torrid '20s: it took me all year to make good on the promise, but I now have a new website design which should be easier to navigate both on desktops / laptops and on a variety of mobile devices. For those who were still visiting my increasingly barren Typepad blog, that has been laid to rest once and for all and any meaningful updates will once again take place on this site.

This is one of many steps back into the digital fray, after a couple major events ran their course. The first of these, the completion of my next book Sonic Phantoms co-authored with sonic researcher Barbara Ellison, did end up requiring the majority of my energies throughout 2019, and other activities were noticeably thin on the ground. The payoff for this, though, will come in the form of an intellectually stimulating work on #neuroaesthetics, sonic illusions and the hidden history of human creativity.

Otherwise, the last couple useful months of the year were taken up by ugly personal / domestic issues: time that could otherwise be spent on creative projects was wasted on the search for alternate housing away from hostile living partners. In retrospect, I'm lucky that time was the main resource wasted and that I wasn't a victim of physical violence. All the same, though, I now feel more of an obligation to double whatever efforts I made this past year, and to reassert myself as a serious contributor to the international community of multidisciplinary, interstitial creators.

Some things that will be happening from the outset of 2020: a new iteration of "Interference [Havana]", my collaborative installation with Alex Keller, at the Blanton museum in Austin. The publication of my essay for the #Audiosphere exhibition at the Reina Sofia museum in Madrid. A completely new hour's worth of sound work based on the concept of semantic satiation, and bundled together with a new, limited t-shirt design from me.

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