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Anechoic Chamber updates - 'all call' for guests

If you haven't yet had a chance to listen to my new Anechoic Chamber free-form audio podcast, I highly recommend it. I believe this show was inspired by years and years of being subjected to one-sided mobile phone conversations whose banality was directly proportional to their loudness - I wondered what it might be like if, just for once, a half-understood dialogue would actually be interesting.

With that in mind, I feel the small sampling of Anechoic Chambers to date (and the few I still have in the pipeline), have been a success - my "erased interviewer" technique has forced me to come up with queries that will elicit answers that cut to the core of what makes a given guest's creative work special, and this is a skill that I'm confident will improve as this series' guests become more numerous.

I am of course not married to the idea of only "established" artists and cultural commentators appearing on this show, and welcome contributions from anyone who can reasonably argue that they're doing something unique or against the grain of current 'absolutist', binary discourse. Please contact me if you'd like more details.

As ever, thanks for your attention!

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