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2020 Exhumed Audio Series, episode 1

Over the course of the year, I am going to be making a more concerted effort to unearth previously unreleased audio work (as I suspect is the case for many others besides myself, the majority of what we have recorded falls into that category).

First entry for this year is “Hyla Electrica (Miniaturas Edit)”, an odd acousmatic piece based upon the entrancing sound of the tree frogs which would dominate the sonic landscape in my former Oklahoma home after rains had fallen. The title itself was a reference to the mischievous way in which these creatures liked to get into electrical boxes and disrupt power, while also nodding to the “Miniaturas” audio contest in Spain that this was originally submitted to. I never heard anything back from the organizers of this event, and so this piece has just been sitting in the archives up until now. Perhaps a recent visit to the 'annual report' showcase of the Phonography Austin group rekindled my interest in integrating natural sounds into a palette that is, for me, otherwise characterized by sounds of less definite origin. I hope to be working with the aforementioned group on some new projects this year (I’ve lent them some ‘stealth’ support by means of press releases for past CD editions, etc)., so do stay tuned.


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